Gift - [DeadLens Official Video]
One Night - [DeadLens Official Video]
Hope - [DeadLens Official Video]
CHAMPION - [DeadLens Official Video]
Ed Philips & the Memphis Patrol feat. György Ferenczi - Peace in the valley (Elvis Presley cover)
The Silver Shine - Please Tell Me (official video)



Deadlens Pictures time after time wants to draw attention to existing but unspoken problems in our society and to make people to pay attention to human attitudes that require protection for the vulnerable ones.

Our first short film as such that went on air was watched by over 10 million people in a period of 1 month. The piece and its message was referred and noted by many leading newspapers and sites as well as written of.


Our goal int he future remains the same: to open up the eyes of mankind in order for them to see problems that we tend to sweep under the carpet.


We do not handle them gently or caressly but rather showing their real side even if it’s shocking for some. Deadlens Picture is getting more and more international appreciation, that is why we got the chance to make a campaign movie for the American company Brown-Forman, which movie is totally the intellectual product of Deadlens Pictures. We are getting more and more international requests to make our „civilized” world a better place with our mentality. We are trying to make our films personal, in order for people not only see a pictured material but a personal message should be heard out of them.

It will not change in the future.




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